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Troy Y: Makes me sleep like a rock and tastes great, just tastes like mint drops or something, not like nasty other CBD oils taste like. It’s the only one I’ve found that tastes good.

Christian T: Love it i have tried so many brands just to be disappointed you should not need the entire bottle to help you this stuff works I’m small so I started with 1/2 dropper i find i need 2 full droppers but relaxing and puts me in the mood to sleep which i have a horrible problem with ptsd and this worked yeah!!!! I love these i take 2 around 8 and can just relax and not in pain helps with my ptsd and adhd it stops my mind from racing all the time finally peace i would recommend this for people with anxiety and ptsd it works great.

Heather T: I’m going to be brutally honest I will not hold anything back.  I initially ordered the Full spectrum tincture (cinnamon). Now I have tried many many different brands of CBD products in the past and they did nothing for me (I was in a car accident over 10 years ago and had back & left hip issues). So when I tried the product I was not expecting much, boy was I was wrong within a few days I was able to cut my pain meds (I go to pain management, I don’t have minor issues I have major issues) into half, I am able to sleep (I have sleep issues), my anxiety has gone so much to almost nonexistent. I love it his product the only down size for me is cost (that’s not on them it’s worth the money I’m just making minimum wage). So I ordered their 750 mg full spectrum capsules when they were on sale bought 2 bottles and they are just as good as the tincture in my opinion the capsules helped with pain, sleeping, & anxiety. Also When I ordered the tincture they threw in a 3 pack CBD infused pain patch I used one of them the other day after moving my mom from her old place to her new home and let me tell you when you put that patch on to the targeted area causing pain it works you feel your pain slowly fading away,I have been a repeat customer and I will continue being one. This is the only brand that I can say that about and recommend.

JR T: Just received my Full spectrum capsules last night. I was a little skeptical about trying it but I’ll tell you what,  they worked like a charm. Usually I’m a person that’s constantly walking around and and can’t sit still with some anxiety issues sometimes, but those capsules had me as calm as a sleeping baby. Woke up this morning feeling great and energetic! No lower back pain as i usually have when i get up and have to take motrin, but not this morning. Now I’m gonna give the tincture a shot and order that! Thanks for the amazing products and you got a lifetime customer!

Troy Y: Makes me sleep like a rock and tastes great, just tastes like mint drops or something, not like nasty other CBD oils taste like. It’s the only one I’ve found that tastes good.

Jonathan D: I’ve been using CBD products for a few years and there is nothing on the market that even comes close to the effects that these have on me. I will definitely be a returning customer.

Angela B: Got these to see if they’d help with my anxiety and my husband’s pain management from an oral surgery. I typically just take 1 when my anxiety is a little high or 2 if I’m having any pain myself. These have worked. Going to try to the stronger drops soon as my husband will be having another oral surgery and we’re hoping it will help him get through it. I really have liked having the edge taken off when my nerves are rattled. Also, I took one before a job interview and was calm and less nervous than when I did an interview without having taken one.

Charles G: My first experience with CBD. I do think it helped me to relax, but the effects were not especially powerful. Couldn’t tell much difference in my overnight sleep. Stick with the full spectrum products.

Adam J: Great product..Does the job!

Ann M: I spend most days swinging a sledgehammer, the pain in my back is at times indescribable. Since using these my muscles have relaxed soo much, I’m finally able to sleep good through the night!! I definitely recommend!!

Denise L: Will be ordering more! Very calming and relaxing. I can see where these would help me, personally, when I’m having anxiety. Great flavor also!
Thank you!

JR T: I already purchased the 750 Mg full spectrum capsules and they were good but let me tell you I just got my full spectrum tincture and wow! It blows the capsules away! I’m so chilled out right now I can’t explain it. I’m glued to my seat and in a great relaxed mood. It’s been 2 full weeks without the benzos!! I’m super happy, 

Matty Mc: I take two a night instead of taking over the counter sleeping meds I love it.

Tate F: Bees knees when it comes to anxiety and sleep aids. This knocks everything else out of the park, hands down. Better than any pharmaceutical out there.

Brandy S:  I’ve tried a lot of very expensive CBD brands and this is by far the best priced and best quality! You will not regret this. 10/10 recommend

Anthony P: I sleep like a baby with less pain. I have degeneration of my joints and am in constant pain. This helps so much!

Brian P: Outstanding, great aroma! Highly recommended

Tim D: I really ordered the Full Spectrum Tincture…I had no confidence at all that it would help my lower back pain from arthritis (according to the doctor). I did hurt my lower back working out a couple of years ago. Last weekend I had a flair up and could barely walk on Friday night. That night I shuffled through the medicine cabinet and found some Vicodin. I took 1 at 8pm. I took another at 10pm. I took a third at 11:30pm. No luck still awake at 2am, I took the 4th. When I woke in the morning, same deal. Can’t walk very well. Saturday night, same deal, killed off 4 or 5 Vicodin before bed. My roommate was watching me real close and making googly eyes at me (weird…). I woke up again in the same pain. Sunday night I decided to give the CBD a whirl. I put a full dropper under my tongue, went to bed with absolutely no confidence that Monday morning would be painless. I woke Monday morning (today) and felt like a new man! My lower back was almost perfect.

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